Trinity Renewal—an unparalleled sanctuary for your holistic well-being.

At the heart of our community is a deep connection with Jesus Christ, infusing prayer into every facet of our journey.

More than a mere pursuit of physical improvement, we prioritize the nurturing of our bodies as divine gifts, intertwining faith and vocation seamlessly.

Embark on a transformative journey by becoming a member of the Trinity Renewal – An Email Membership, where we aim to fortify your body, empower your mind, and inspire your soul.

  Are you a Christian woman seeking a path to wellness through holiness? Look no further than our exclusive Trinity Renewal Email Membership—an invaluable opportunity for you to invest in your well-being for only $15 a month.

 What’s Inside Your Trinity Renewal Wellness Membership:

1. Monthly One-on-One Coaching Call: Unlock your potential with one-on-one monthly 20-minute Coaching Calls led by Coach Maria Cecilia Escobedo. Centered on setting and achieving health, fitness, and faith goals, these personalized sessions offer guidance and motivation (valued at $30).

2. Monthly Wellness Workshop: Engage in insightful workshops designed to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Expand your knowledge at our monthly wellness workshops, covering diverse topics such as the art of fasting and the benefits of journaling. Special guests will make periodic appearances. (valued at $25) Either 3rd  Mondays or Thursdays of each month. They are recorded and shared asap.

3. Weekly Support Gathering: Join us every week on Zoom for a gathering where we come together to pray, offer mutual accountability, and provide support for like-minded women on our shared journey towards wellness.

4. Paperback Planner/Journal: Receive a tangible tool to help you organize your thoughts, set goals, and reflect on your faith-filled wellness journey. (valued at $15)

5. Daily Community Prayers: Connect with our community through daily prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Litany of Trust, from Monday to Friday @6am central time.

6. Weekly SoulCore Workout: Infuse your week with a unique blend of faith and fitness through our specially curated SoulCore workouts. (valued at $15)

7. Weekly Supportive Emails: Stay motivated and connected with our uplifting emails, providing encouragement and inspiration.

8. GroupMe: An non-social media platform to engage with fellow members in these groups.

9. Affiliate Program Access: Join our affiliate program and share the blessings with others while earning rewards. Recieve $10 for each friend that joins our Trinity Renewal.

 The Trinity Renewal Wellness Membership is Your Passport to Radiant Living

Step into more than a subscription—our membership is an illuminating voyage toward holistic well-being, ignited by the brilliance of your faith.

Priced at just $15, unlock a treasure trove of resources valued at over $95, providing an incredible 85% off.

Why? Because we’re on a mission to ignite the #WellnessThroughHoliness movement, transforming homes and hearts.

Join us as we empower women to find balance and continue walking the path towards holiness.

Take the first step on your path to a brighter, healthier life—join our Trinity Renewal Wellness Email Membership today. Uncover the joy of holistic wellness through holiness, and let your radiant journey begin.

Join now and embrace the brilliance of a well-lived life in Christ. 

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What women are saying about Trinity Wellness Program:

This program force me to make time for personal growth, and shows me what I’m weak in. God bless you as you inspired so many people to grow closer to the Him and to become a stronger child of God.


Mary A.

This was so impactful in my life and has really made a difference in my thinking, my daily life, my habits. I need to make more progress but for the first time in most of my life, I now see life in a much healthier way, more spiritual as well.


Natalie W.

Accountability was the motivation I needed to make changes I’ve know I needed to make for a long time.


Drina S.

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