Maria Cecilia is an industrious entrepreneur, a devoted Catholic homeschooling mother to ten children (five of whom are saints), and the visionary behind Catholic Wellness Mom and the Trinity Wellness Center—a non-profit organization.

She reside on the serene Gulf coast of Mississippi with her husband of 22 years and our two faithful canine companions. It was at the close of 2016 that she experienced a transformative “wellness conversion,” igniting a profound shift in her life’s direction.

Her journey is fueled by an unwavering desire to inspire fellow women, aiming to lead a movement that harmonizes wellness with holiness.

She passionately believe in the deep connection between wellness and holiness, and I am dedicated to enlightening women about this powerful relationship. She urges them to understand that embracing wellness is not only beneficial for the body and mind but also an essential path toward embracing holiness in their lives.

Her mission revolves around empowering women to recognize and embody God’s individual calling for them through a holistic approach to wellness. By intertwining these elements, She aspire to help women realize their full potential and live in accordance with God’s purpose for their lives.

Currently, She serve as a Wellness Coach and Fasting Coach certified by The American Nutrition Association. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise extends to acquiring certifications as a Soul Core instructor and a Doula specializing in births and miscarriages.

Amy earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine 10 years ago in Portland, Oregon at the National University of Natural Medicine and her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics/Pre-med from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 2003. She currently holds her license as a Naturopathic Doctor in Vermont.

In her virtual Naturopathic wellness consulting practice, she works with women to help them accomplish their goals of holistic hormonal health and reach optimal wellness.

She moved back home to the South (MS) 5 years ago after pursuing her dreams in the northwest for 15 years (Jackson Hole, WY –> Portland, OR –> Bend, OR).

She misses the mountains and beauty of the west, but is loving small town beach life.

Jake and Heather Forstall are a fitness power couple. They reside in Bay St. Louis, where they share their lives with their two lovely daughters. Actively engaged members of Our Lady of the Gulf, they cherish moments spent with friends and family.

Jake is a certified personal trainer through NFPT. He was the lead trainer at Crunch Fitness for 2 years and has expanded his training since then.His specialties range from strength and condition, functional fitness, and sport specific training. Heather is a certified group fit instructor through FitTour.

Heather was the head group fit instructor at crunch fitness for over a year. She has a passion for small group training and H.I.I.T. style workouts.

Both Jake and Heather know how to make fitness fun and specialized to your needs.

Megan is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner dedicated to assisting exhausted and stressed mothers in reclaiming their energy and overcoming debilitating chronic symptoms.

Her focus lies in empowering these individuals to embrace genuine self-care without any accompanying guilt. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, She recognizes the interconnectedness of every aspect of the body, understanding that no system or organ functions in isolation.

Moreover, She possess a profound understanding of the impact that trauma and emotions can have on physical health, acknowledging the integral role these factors play in overall well-being.