Our first Catholic Women’s Wellness Retreat at the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Christus Rex Retreat House on February 18th was a great blessing, a great success measured by God’s love.

The blessing started with Fr. James Smith of Our Lady of the Gulf, who brought us the sacraments on a beautiful cold February morning.

Next, learning all about journaling from Catholic Wellness mom coach, Maria Cecilia, Functional Exercise from trainer Jake Forstall, and Self-knowledge from Dre/ convert Tammie LaSage was ideal to start off Lent on the journey  of wellness through holiness.

Our meals were all made with the Bright Line Eating guidance of no sugar/flour with correct portion size for women.

We are grateful for the donations to the Catholic Swag bags from Catholic Wellness Moms. 

We are grateful for the donations to the Catholic Swag bags from Catholic Wellness Moms. 

You can order your very own copy of The Little Way Wellness Lent Edition from Amazon.

This was the schedule for the retreat.

  • 8 am: Registration
  • 8:30 to 9:00: Confessions
  • 9am: Holy Mass with celebrant Fr. James Smith
  • 9:30:  Breakfast
  • 10am: Wellness of the Mind: Journal with Jesus for Transformation of Self by M.Cecilia Escobedo
  • 10:30am: Break
  • 11am: Wellness of the Body: Functional Movements for Everyday Living by Trainer Jake Forstall
  • Noon: Lunch 
  • 12:45pm: Rosary Walk 
  • 1:15pm: Wellness of the Soul: Self-Knowledge Lends to Holiness by Tammie LeSage
  • 1:45pm: How to have a “Little Way Wellness” Lent.
  • 2pm: End

Save the date and get on the email list for our next two retreats coming up.

March 31st: Wellness for Healing: A Catholic mom’s retreat to bring about healing after the loss of a child with a well-balance wellness.

April 29th: Catholic Women’s Wellness Retreat. 

If you would like to bring a Catholic Women’s Wellness retreat to your parish, please email us at retreats@trinitywellnesscenterms.com