Embarking on a wellness journey involves more than just physical health; it requires a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.

For Christian women, integrating faith into this journey can deepen the experience and provide a sense of purpose and guidance.

One powerful tool that can aid in this spiritual exploration is the Trinity Examen.

Rooted in Ignatian spirituality, the Trinity Examen is a reflective practice that fosters a profound connection with God and can be particularly transformative for Christian women on their wellness journey.

Understanding the Trinity Examen:

The Trinity Examen is a prayerful reflection that draws inspiration from the Christian understanding of God as a Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It invites individuals to review their day through the lens of gratitude, awareness, and discernment, creating a space for spiritual growth.

1. Gratitude for the Creator:
Begin the Examen by expressing gratitude to God the Father, the Creator of all things. Reflect on the blessings, big and small, that you have experienced throughout the day.

This step encourages Christian women to cultivate a heart of gratitude, fostering a positive mindset that contributes to overall well-being.

2. Awareness in Christ’s Presence:
Shift your focus to Jesus, the Son, who walked among us. Reflect on moments when you felt the presence of Christ during the day. It could be in acts of kindness, moments of joy, or even challenges that drew you closer to Him.

This step encourages Christian women to be mindful of Christ’s constant companionship on their wellness journey.

3. Discernment with the Holy Spirit:
In the final step, invite the Holy Spirit to guide your discernment. Examine your thoughts, actions, and emotions, seeking the Spirit’s wisdom to discern areas where growth or change is needed.

This step empowers Christian women to align their wellness goals with God’s plan, ensuring that their journey is not just about physical health but also about spiritual alignment.

Application to Wellness Journey:

1. Embracing Physical Wellness:
The Trinity Examen can help Christian women appreciate their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.

Gratitude for good health, awareness of the body’s signals, and discernment in making healthy choices contribute to a holistic approach to physical wellness.

2. Nurturing Emotional and Mental Well-being:
Reflecting on the day through the Trinity Examen provides an opportunity to examine emotions and thoughts.

The practice fosters emotional intelligence and mental clarity, allowing Christian women to navigate challenges with faith and resilience.

3. Building Healthy Relationships:
As the Examen emphasizes gratitude and awareness of Christ’s presence, it encourages Christian women to cultivate healthy relationships. This includes expressing gratitude for loved ones and being mindful of how their actions impact others.

Incorporating the Trinity Examen into the wellness journey can be a transformative experience for Christian women.

By grounding the journey in gratitude, awareness, and discernment within the framework of the Holy Trinity, individuals can deepen their connection with God, fostering a sense of purpose and spiritual well-being.

As Christian women navigate the complexities of life, the Trinity Examen serves as a powerful tool, guiding them toward a balanced and fulfilling wellness journey that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

Print out a copy and start praying this power pray into your wellness journey towards holiness. 


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