Trinity Wellness Center – Fundraiser 75 Holy & Hard Wellness Challenge

This is a Start-Up Fundraiser, where businesses and  individuales are pleding any amount ($5, $10, $100, and so on) that Our Founder Maria Cecilia must complete a 75 Hard Challenge.
 This is the Christian version which as a foucs on a well-balalnce wellness.
The 75 Holy & Hard plan that Maria Cecilia must be completed each day for 75 straight days starting on May 3rd to July 16th are the following:
  • 1 Hour of any type of exercise
  • 1/2 Gallon of water
  • No sugar/flour, 3 meals or less only
  • No alcohol, no cheat days
  • 1 Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Special daily prayers for Holy Souls 
  • Daily Examen
  • Read 15 minutes of Spiritual Reading
  • Reading 15 minutes of any self-help books
  • Journal one page
  • Read Daily Godly affirmations.
This will be documented with a check list, checks-in on social media and the Honor System. 
If she misses one item on the list on any date, she forfeits all the funds. So fill out the simple form to pledge any mount.